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2021 Leavers Ceremony Ticket Sales

We remind our families of Year 12 students of the 4 tickets per student allocation to the 2021 Leavers Ceremony at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre on Monday 29 November 2021. This allocation is required to ensure all parents/carers of our Class of 2021 are able to purchase tickets to attend the Leavers Ceremony in the first round. The second round of tickets sales – if applicable – will be on sale Friday 5 November 2021.

BREC have advised us several families have purchased tickets over multiple transactions to secure more than the allocated 4 per student. We advise our families that our Class of 2021 is a large cohort of students, and we wish for all of our families to have the opportunity to join with us to celebrate every student’s success and achievement in 2021. Please abide by the limit of 4 tickets per student to ensure our 2021 Leavers Ceremony is enjoyed by all.
22 October 2021