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“Australind Senior High School is proud to congratulate the class of 2020 for their outstanding ATAR performance.
The School Median ATAR this year was 79.25 and reflects our continued excellent school performance of the past 2 years, that we expect will again place us in the top 50 performing schools.
We will share more specific detail in the coming weeks, but at first glance 23% of our ATAR students turned in scores above 90 – finishing in the top 10% – and an exceptional 80% of the cohort finished in the top 30% of the state.
Congratulations to the students for their commitment in an unsettling year, having to focus on their studies as well as the impact of school closures, remote learning and other significant interruptions and concerns.
We congratulate our 2020 cohort on their continued effort to achieve a high ATAR standard, as although many students were successful in early university offers, this did not waiver their commitment in striving to achieve exceptional scores.
I also wish to acknowledge our incredible staff for the journey they have travelled aiding and encouraging our remarkable young people, and to all of our families for their support in a unique and difficult year of learning.
A job well done and we look forward to hearing about our students reaping the magnificent rewards of all their hard work.
The staff at Australind Senior High School would like to wish our students, parents and caregivers a safe and enjoyable Christmas break and a prosperous New Year.
We wish to acknowledge the support that we have had from our community during this complex year. We look forward to working closely with you again in 2021.”
Domenic Camera


Year 12 Leavers Ceremony and 2020 OPUS

Congratulations to the Year 12 2020 cohort on a successful Leavers Ceremony on the front lawn of Australind Senior High School last night.

Leavers folders for students who were unable to attend will be posted home, or may be collected from the Front Office.  Please advise administration if your address has changed.
Please be advised the folders also contain original Statement of Attainment certificates for VET students.
Students who were recipients of awards are asked to complete the EFT payment form, located in their folder, and return to the Front Office as soon as possible.
The 2020 OPUS – featuring the award winners from the Leavers Ceremony – will be available in Term 1 2021, and notification of the delivery or collection details will be placed on our website and social media platforms.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school 9797 4400 or australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au with any further queries.

From the Principal – 2020 Year 12 Leavers Ceremony

Year 12 Leavers Ceremony

As previously communicated on 14th September 2020, this event will fall in the week commencing Monday 30th November 2020.  It is most likely that the date will be adjusted to Wednesday 2nd December, but this again will be confirmed.  The event will commence at the earlier time of 5:30/ 6:00pm and conducted within a shorter time frame.  We are planning to hold the event on the school front lawn area as an open-air event.  Invitation will be forward by email, there will be a small charge applied and tickets may be purchased online. The event will be conducted based on the level of restrictions in place at that time.  We are presently awaiting the outcome of Phase 4 restrictions moving to Phase 5, expected to be announced by the State Government on 24 October 2020, before confirming any further information on the 2020 Year 12 Leavers Ceremony. Please monitor Connect, our website and Facebook page to be kept up to date with the most recent information, and encourage others to do so. Thank you for your patience during this time.



16th October 2020

From the Principal – Welcome to Term 3

Dear parents, guardians and families of our ASHS community,

Welcome back to term 3 which we hope will not hold any surprises. I do hope that families have had the opportunity to enjoy a school holiday break while exercising the freedom that we are all experiencing in our Phase 4 eased restrictions.

At the end of Term 2 the State Government gave schools instructions that enable us to move to more flexibility in our school activities while still considering the new normal continuing precaution of good hygiene practices and sensible physical distancing. I have no doubt that we will continue to evolve however cautiously forward in the coming months.

The Minister has outlined that; we have some way to go before schools are completely back to business as usual, while continuing to follow the very best health advice.

I would like to acknowledge our parents and families for the good will that they have shown us when processes are not always running smoothly. Thank you for your encouragement and support. I would also like to thank all staff for their continued commitment, flexibility and resilience to the many twists and turns that have been actioned. We continue to be in good shape and it is a good time to be a Western Australian! We are also fortunate to be in a profession that has been able to support students and our broader community in a very complex time.

When students return to school on Tuesday 21st July, we will be encouraging students to continue with our term 2 hygiene and social distancing practices.  These will be outlined to students on Tuesday morning and will not come as any surprise as they are our new normal in these times.

At a time when our world is changing we do need to look forward to some optimism. Our state is in a reasonable position and it would appear that there is a Federal Government’s investment in Future employment. I will not go into a lot of detail but the current situation will create some different employment opportunities for students both via university studies with a reduction in course costs for shortage and focus areas, and opens many doors in the area of Vocational Education and Training.  This is a very important message for our communities and students as it is a point of optimism in a time where there remains some uncertainty.  We will certainly provide details as they become available and hope to have this discussion with students and parents in the near future.

I trust that we may finally have a term that runs on a more even keel, as we continue to work through complex challenges in partnership, as strong communities do.


20th July 2020

Year 7 2020/2021 Transition

Year 7 Transition

Enrolment information for Year 7 2021 at ASHS will soon be available to our feeder Primary Schools and the school community.
Enjoy this sneak preview of our specialist facilities and incredible staff enjoying happy school days in our state of the art, purpose built Egret Wing.


Kelly Prime

Program Coordinator – Transition

From the Principal – Update #2

Dear Parents/Carers,

I want to thank you all for your support in what was one of the most unusual starts to a school term we have ever seen.  Together, we have been able to make the best of this situation and ensure your child’s safety and continuity of learning.

Today, the State Government announced changes to education based on a review of current arrangements and updated health advice. 

As of Monday, 18 May 2020 all students are expected to attend school, except for those students medically referred to learn from home.

This means students are either:

·       at school;

·       have a medical referral to learn from home; or

·       recorded as absent if they do not attend.

Over the last three weeks we have seen 84% of our students return to school, which has been fantastic. 

Current health advice states that schools remain safe for staff and students and should remain open.  We want to make sure all children get the best education possible, which is why attending school is so important.  We are here to make sure all children are learning and there’s no doubt, schools are the best place for them to learn.

For parents with medical advice that their child should not attend school, we will work with you in partnership with the School of Special Educational Needs: Medical and Mental Health to support your child’s learning from home.  If you feel your child is in this category, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will work together on next steps.

If your child does not attend school without a medical reason, they will be marked as absent and will not be provided a learning program. 

The extra cleaning and hygiene practices implemented at the start of Term 2 will continue and as part of the social distancing measures, we continue to ask parents/carers to drop children at the school gate and not enter the school grounds. 

The State Government will continue to make decisions based on the best health advice. Thank you for your continued support as we move forward.

If you have any questions please contact the school on australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au or 9797 4400.

Kind regards,

Ben Lagana


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WACE Update from SCSA – Year 12 Students

Year 12 Student Declaration and Permission Online Completion

As part of their final year of schooling, all Year 12 students and other students enrolled in ATAR course examinations need to be aware of the requirements to achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and for sitting ATAR course examinations. The requirements are listed in the Year 12 Information Handbook, which is available on the Authority website athttps://www.scsa.wa.edu.au/publications/year-12-information.

Student Declaration

Students are required to declare that they have read and understood the rules and procedures governing the ATAR course examinations, and that they are aware that their marks will be provided to the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

Student Permission

The purpose of the online student permission section is to enable students to give their permission for the release of certain personal information and the use of their written and practical examination responses and school assessments in resources produced by the Authority. Also provided is the explanatory information about the three responses and the terms on which the student materials will be utilised.

Before a student completes the Student Declaration and Permission online

Students must (if under 18 years of age) have discussed their responses with their parents/guardians before submitting them online. The online procedure has been developed so that you cannot complete the form unless you click ‘Yes’ to ‘I have discussed my responses to the above questions with my parents/guardians.’

Please note: Students will be required to complete the Student Declaration and Permission when they log in to the Student portal before they can gain access to other important information, such as their course enrolments, examination timetable/s and results.

Completing the Student Declaration and Permission online

To complete the Student Declaration and Permission online, the student will need to visit the Student portal on the Authority’s websitehttps://student.scsa.wa.edu.au/student-portal. Students can complete this at home, and will also be given the opportunity during school to complete this with Ms Roberts, Mr Mungioli or Mrs Nurse. Students require their 8-digit Student Number; this can be located on the front page of any of your high school reports, or by visiting Mrs Nurse in the front office before school, or during Lunch 1 or Lunch 2. Additional parent information and how to complete the declaration is attached. Please do not hesitate to make contact should you have any questions or need information clarified.

Tamara Nurse







From the Principal – Canteen Update

Please be advised from Monday 4th May, the Canteen staff will be unable to accept cash from students.

Students will only be able to purchase from the Canteen by online order or card transaction.

Please register with Quickcliq to order online up to two weeks in advance.
We appreciate your understanding,
Ben Lagana

From the Principal – Term 2 Update #1

Dear Parents and Students 

Welcome back to Term 2, it certainly looks a lot different to what we were expecting after gearing up for online delivery at the end of last term. 

I trust that you have been keeping up to date with Domenic’s regular updates and I hope that my communications are as clear and concise so that you can make informed decisions about the education of your child. 

Today we welcomed two thirds of our students back on site. Our Upper School engagement was encouraging with 82% of Year 12’s at school. All students that returned to school resumed their normal timetable via face to face delivery. 

We encourage students where possible to bring their devices to school (Laptops, iPads etc). Staff worked extremely hard to create online resources and activities for students anticipating that they would be accessing these at home. Now that students are back it would be great that these do not go to waste. 

For those that have chosen to learn from home, all of the online modules have been made available on Connect. We encourage students to explore the online learning modules that hold course specific content. To make submissions or communicate with their normal classroom teacher they do this via their usual timetabled Connect class. 

Please note given the current Health Department advice we have made some changes to our operating procedures to support the health and safety of all our staff and students. 


As per the Health Department COVID-19 staff and student safety recommendations, no parents are allowed on school site unless with expressed permission. 

Student collection guidelines will be provided at point of need. Please call or email Front Office staff on 9797 4400 australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au to make necessary arrangements. 


To support the health and safety of our school community, if your child is sick, please keep them at home. 

Students that present at school unwell will be sent home. 


The Uniform Shop is open for online orders only. These will be processed and you will be notified of pick up arrangements. 

Online orders are available via this link  and the pass phrase is ASHS1987 


Everybody that requested hard copy packages will be contacted and pick up will occur via appointment only. 

While teachers will endeavour to provide similar resources and tasks in hardcopy format there are limitations, and the hardcopy packages will not be exactly the same as what is delivered online or face-to-face. 


Students who are at home will be contacted on a weekly basis starting from Wednesday 6th May (Week 2). 

The calls are to maintain a connection to the school which is important, the purpose of these calls is to check up on how your child is engaging with learning at home. 


Attendance will be recorded as per normal Department Guidelines. Parents of students not attending will be contacted by the School’s SMS system if we have not received notification of intentions. 

Where parents indicated that they were keeping their child at home via the online survey, we have updated our records to reflect these time frames. 

For those that have marked that they are unsure at this time, please let us know regularly of your intentions. 


To ensure our canteen is able to operate efficiently, and following COVID-19 guidelines, it is now essential all families order online using the QuickCliq cashless system. 

Using this online service enables parents to order lunches online up to two weeks in advance, and also allows our Canteen staff to viably operate in uncertain times. 

Drink fountains are operational and as per advice received from the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC), it is preferable that students bring their own individual water bottles that can be filled from the fountain as necessary. 

This will reduce the need for students to drink directly from fountains.  

Please ensure that your child is prepared for the day, as there is no capacity to deliver forgotten lunches to students. 


The school has employed three extra full time day time cleaners who will be cleaning our school extensively throughout the school day, as per Health Department Guidelines.

Hand Sanitiser is available in every classroom and all teaching staff have been provided with Hospital Grade Wipes to clean desks at the beginning of each period. 

Thank you all for such a smooth start to the term, if you have any concerns please continue to communicate them with us. The resilience of our school and community was evident today, please continue to work with us to maintain some normality in these trying times.

Ben Lagana


29 April 2020

Parent Survey – Term 2

This survey is designed with the purpose of determining the number of students expected to return on Wednesday 29 April 2020. This will assist with our planning to manage the health and safety of our staff and students.

NB If you have more than one child at the school that have different attendance intentions ie. Year 12 attending, Year 9 staying home, you will need to submit two forms.

If they have the same attendance intention they can be submitted on the same form.

Please complete by Monday 27th April.

Click here to access the survey

Ben Lagana


24th April 2020