T: (08) 9797 4400

Dental Therapy Clinic – New Location and Procedure

The Australind Dental Therapy Clinic has re-opened in the new location on Break O’Day Drive and has re-commenced making appointments for students.

Please take note of the new arrangements for Dental Therapy Clinic appointments during school time.
  1. Students must present the Dental appointment letter/parent letter to the Attendance Officer window before school
  2. Attendance Officer will provide a Leave Pass to leave school grounds to attend the Dental Therapy Clinic on Break O’Day Drive
  3. After the appointment, the Dental Therapy Clinic will provide the student with a Return to School pass
  4. The student must present this Return to School pass to Attendance to sign in to school
  5. Attendance Officer will provide a Late Note to the student to hand to teacher upon return to class
If you have any queries about this process, please do not hesitate to contact the Attendance Officer on 9797 4400, selecting extension 2 or the Dental Therapy Clinic on 9797 0266.