Charges + Contributions


The State Government through the Department of Education and Training provides placement for all students who attend public schools. To provide for the use of goods and services, parents are asked to make a small contribution.



1.  School Map
2.  Brief from Principal
3.  Contributions and Charges – Payment Dates
4.  Secondary Assistance Scheme 2019
5.  School Uniform Information
8.  Bookshop Facilities
10. Health Centre
11. Computer Network Charges, Smart Rider/Library Cards
12. List of Additional Cost Items
16. How our ASHS Canteen Operates18/19. Canteen Price List 2019

Years 8, 9 & 10

Voluntary contribution of $235. Additional charges may be incurred for elective subjects.

Years 11 & 12

Voluntary contribution commensurate with the cost of selected courses. Download the form here.


Aboriginal Study allowance is available for all Aboriginal students who meet Centrelink’s attendance guidelines. This allowance is paid fortnightly direct to the student or parent. For more information please contact Centrelink on 13 24 90.

Secondary Assistance Scheme

To assist parents/guardians with the cost of education the Department of Education & Training has approved the following levels of assistance for students in Years 7 to 12:

$235 Education Program Allowance – paid directly to the school

$115 Clothing Allowance – paid directly to the parent/guardian or the school

To be eligible for assistance parents or legal guardians must hold one of the following cards:

• Centrelink Family Health Care Card
• Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card
• Veterans’ Affairs Pensioner Card (blue card only)

The parent/guardian must be the holder of the card that is valid some time during Term 1. The only exception to this is when a student holds their own health care card and has been declared independent by Centrelink.

To receive assistance, parents must attend the front administration office with their current card (as per above) and the application will be processed at this time.  Please note APPLICATIONS CLOSE Friday 12 April 2019.