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From the Attendance Office – Leave Pass Procedure

We remind our school community of the Leave Pass Procedure to avoid lengthy delays to parents, carers and students.

  1. Parents/carers must provide a written note advising of the day, time and reason why the student is to leave school during the day.  A written note is also required if the student is signing in as a late arrival to school.
  2. The student presents the parent note to Attendance: before school – if the student needs to leave during Period 1 or Period 2during Lunch 1 or Lunch 2 – if the student needs to leave during Period 3 to Period 6.
  3. The Leave Pass provides the Class Teacher authority to allow the student to leave class at the appropriate time. It also provides the student with legal authority to be out of school if questioned in the community.
  4. The student signs out at the Attendance Window, and may then meet parent/carer at the agreed meeting place; e.g. the carpark.
  5. This procedure ensures the student’s movements are known at all times.  It also ensures the parent/carer is not waiting for lengthy periods, reducing delays to arrangements and/or appointments.
Thank you to everyone in the school community abiding by the Leave Pass Procedure, ensuring accurate and efficient movement around the school.