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From the Principal – Continuity of Learning


Dear Parents and Carers,

The Continuity of Learning, Communication, Attendance and Supports:

In the coming weeks there is the potential for the COVID-19 community exposure to increase. We do expect that this may impact our students. We have provided advice that students should follow the WA Health directives and recommendations, remain at home when unwell and not come to school. We also expect that our staff may be impacted in the same way, so the same advice applies to our workforce.

To better assure parents that being absent when sick will not impact learning the following will be in place:

  • School will remain open.
  • In times when our workforce may not be able to attend work, we will endeavour to have relief staff available to take classes.
  • In times when student absences increase and we also have staff absent, then small class numbers will be combined and the learning program adjusted and slowed down.
  • This program adjustment will occur for the period of time while staff and students are impacted by their absence. Across this period of disruption to the regular program, we will teach and re-teach with the view that we do not create large learning gaps for students.

How we can limit the impact of sickness at school:

  • As per the current health advice we strongly support the importance of students and staff not coming to the school site if they are at all unwell and they should follow all WA Health instructions and protocols if they have any concerns relating to their health and wellbeing.
  • Wear a mask correctly at all times, in all indoor areas and classrooms, including the Front Office and Canteen areas; or as directed by a staff member. This is a WA Health mandated requirement and is in the best interest of keeping our school community safe and healthy.
  • Social distance as required.
  • Regularly use the sanitiser provided plus have their own personal supply of sanitiser and soap.
  • Ventilation protocols in class rooms are followed.
  • The school continues to undertake continuous cleaning, throughout the school day, of high use/contact surfaces and facilities such as toilets, the canteen and other high use areas.

Attendance and Absence Procedure:

It is a legal requirement that the school monitors student attendance.  This also connects strongly to the tracking of student wellbeing. If students are unwell or are required to quarantine by WA Health when considered to be a close contact (symptomatic or asymptomatic), WA Health will contact the school to provide us with any essential communication or information. Please also see the attached poster titled:

School-based close contact in a high case load environment – Testing and isolation advice for schools


  • Please contact the school via SMS 0400 207 306 indicating the current situation for example: WA health advice to isolate as a close contact.
  • Only call the school if the SMS message is not suitable or you require more supporting information or advice.
  • Access Continuity of Learning on-line via Connect (contact the school for access advice).
  • Seek other learning support resources and advice at COVID-19 – Department of Education
  • Return to school once the isolation period conditions have been satisfied as per WA Health guidelines.
  • If student attendance continues to be an issue beyond the period of isolation requirements, please speak with the school.

What is Continuity of Learning:

Learning from home resources are available to students and can be accessed via Connect when students are not able to attend school for a short recommended period of time, as determined by WA Health. Some resources may be provided in hard copy or USB. This is not continuity of the actual day to day lessons or teaching program, but activities that add value to the learning. Prior contact and arrangement should be made before coming to site to pick up these items.  All protocols must be followed.

Student Wellbeing – Monitoring Stress in Young People:

Many young people are unsure of the challenges that COVID-19 presents and some may experience heightened anxiety during these times. It is important that you speak openly with your child about these concerns and closely watch for changes in their behaviour, which may signal they are distressed.

Some common signs of anxiety or stress to look out for may include:
•          Changes to their sleeping patterns
•          Change to appetite
•          Difficulty concentrating and easily becoming fatigued
•          Feeling restless or on edge
•          Increased anger or irritability

More information on supporting your child’s wellbeing during this time can be found at: https://www.education.wa.edu.au/learning-at-home/support-for-children-and-young-people

If you are concerned about your child’s mental health please contact your GP, or request advice from our Student Wellbeing staff at Australind SHS. You can also email any non-urgent request to Australind.SHS@education.wa.edu.au

We appreciate the manner in which we are able to work with our parents/carers and students and remain committed to providing suitable updates and information as it becomes available.

We also appreciate the high level of RESPECT, KINDNESS and RESPONSIBILITY that we share across our community relationships.

Yours sincerely,

Domenic Camera


25 February 2022