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From the Principal – Important Update 2022 School Ball

UPDATED very high COVID caseload setting outlined by WA Health and required by the venue, Lighthouse Beach Resort.


  •        Masks do not need to be worn when arriving at the venue (outside setting)
  •        The mask must be worn before entering the venue
  •        Students must do a QR check-in and then provide their proof of vaccination to the venue staff
  •        If there is no valid proof of a double vaccination, then the student cannot enter the venue

Mask wearing applies to all situations where students are:

  •        Moving to and queuing for drink and/or food service
  •        Seated at a table, not eating or drinking
  •        Going to the toilet
  •        Walking around the room
  •        When dancing

Masks can be removed when students are:

  •        Seated while eating and drinking
  •        While having a photo taken – Masks may be removed for professional photos and the photo booth, but must be on immediately before and immediately after the photo, i.e. walk to the photo spot, take mask off, have photo, put mask         back on before exiting photo spot.

Students must bring their own masks (and possibly a spare).

Smoking and Vaping is prohibited in the venue.  

The Lighthouse have new smoke detectors fitted and this will pick up vaping in the toilets. Parents/carers will be contacted if students do not comply with this venue requirement.

We look forward to our greeting our Year 12 students and everyone enjoying the 2022 School Ball.



11 March 2022