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From The Principal – Term 1 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

As you may be aware, all school staff are required to be double dose vaccinated before Term 1, 2022 starts.

The State Government has issued Education Worker (Restrictions on Access) Directions (No. 3), which are published on wa.gov.au.  These Directions include vaccination requirements for visitors entering school sites.

Students are not required to be vaccinated.

However, if your child is on a work placement, they will need to comply with the industry/business requirements at that workplace.

Parents/carers are not required to be vaccinated when:

  • dropping off or picking up their child from school;
  • volunteering at school on an ad hoc basis;
  • attending an event such as an assembly or parent teacher interview; or
  • entering the school after hours.

‘Ad hoc basis’ means attendance at no more than one education facility no more than once per week.

Parents/carers are required to provide vaccination evidence (single dose vaccinated from
1 January 2022 and double dose vaccinated from 31 January 2022) or exemption when:

  • volunteering at the school more than once a week (this includes volunteering at the school canteen, uniform store or an in-class literacy or numeracy program);
  • working in an unpaid capacity at the school more than once a week; or
  • participating in an endorsed program at the school where parent attendance is required (such as KindiLink).

The following are acceptable forms of evidence of COVID-19 vaccination or exemption:

  • written confirmation of the COVID-19 vaccination issued by the Department of Health;
  • the COVID-19 digital certificate, which shows only your COVID-19 vaccinations. Services Australia has information on how to get your COVID-19 digital certificate;
  • your immunisation history statement, which shows all vaccinations you’ve had. Services Australia has information on how to get your immunisation history statement;
  • an International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by the Commonwealth Government. This shows the COVID-19 vaccination recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register;
  • medical exemption issued by the Australian Immunisation Register; or
  • temporary exemption granted by the WA Chief Health Officer.

We are committed to ensuring our school is a COVID-19 safe space. We have been provided with a clear direction of what we all need to do to keep students, colleagues and our community safe. If you have any queries, please contact 9797 4400.

Thank you for your support.



10 December 2021