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From the Principal – Term 2 Update #1

Dear Parents and Students 

Welcome back to Term 2, it certainly looks a lot different to what we were expecting after gearing up for online delivery at the end of last term. 

I trust that you have been keeping up to date with Domenic’s regular updates and I hope that my communications are as clear and concise so that you can make informed decisions about the education of your child. 

Today we welcomed two thirds of our students back on site. Our Upper School engagement was encouraging with 82% of Year 12’s at school. All students that returned to school resumed their normal timetable via face to face delivery. 

We encourage students where possible to bring their devices to school (Laptops, iPads etc). Staff worked extremely hard to create online resources and activities for students anticipating that they would be accessing these at home. Now that students are back it would be great that these do not go to waste. 

For those that have chosen to learn from home, all of the online modules have been made available on Connect. We encourage students to explore the online learning modules that hold course specific content. To make submissions or communicate with their normal classroom teacher they do this via their usual timetabled Connect class. 

Please note given the current Health Department advice we have made some changes to our operating procedures to support the health and safety of all our staff and students. 


As per the Health Department COVID-19 staff and student safety recommendations, no parents are allowed on school site unless with expressed permission. 

Student collection guidelines will be provided at point of need. Please call or email Front Office staff on 9797 4400 australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au to make necessary arrangements. 


To support the health and safety of our school community, if your child is sick, please keep them at home. 

Students that present at school unwell will be sent home. 


The Uniform Shop is open for online orders only. These will be processed and you will be notified of pick up arrangements. 

Online orders are available via this link  and the pass phrase is ASHS1987 


Everybody that requested hard copy packages will be contacted and pick up will occur via appointment only. 

While teachers will endeavour to provide similar resources and tasks in hardcopy format there are limitations, and the hardcopy packages will not be exactly the same as what is delivered online or face-to-face. 


Students who are at home will be contacted on a weekly basis starting from Wednesday 6th May (Week 2). 

The calls are to maintain a connection to the school which is important, the purpose of these calls is to check up on how your child is engaging with learning at home. 


Attendance will be recorded as per normal Department Guidelines. Parents of students not attending will be contacted by the School’s SMS system if we have not received notification of intentions. 

Where parents indicated that they were keeping their child at home via the online survey, we have updated our records to reflect these time frames. 

For those that have marked that they are unsure at this time, please let us know regularly of your intentions. 


To ensure our canteen is able to operate efficiently, and following COVID-19 guidelines, it is now essential all families order online using the QuickCliq cashless system. 

Using this online service enables parents to order lunches online up to two weeks in advance, and also allows our Canteen staff to viably operate in uncertain times. 

Drink fountains are operational and as per advice received from the Public Health Emergency Operations Centre (PHEOC), it is preferable that students bring their own individual water bottles that can be filled from the fountain as necessary. 

This will reduce the need for students to drink directly from fountains.  

Please ensure that your child is prepared for the day, as there is no capacity to deliver forgotten lunches to students. 


The school has employed three extra full time day time cleaners who will be cleaning our school extensively throughout the school day, as per Health Department Guidelines.

Hand Sanitiser is available in every classroom and all teaching staff have been provided with Hospital Grade Wipes to clean desks at the beginning of each period. 

Thank you all for such a smooth start to the term, if you have any concerns please continue to communicate them with us. The resilience of our school and community was evident today, please continue to work with us to maintain some normality in these trying times.

Ben Lagana


29 April 2020