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From the Principal – Update #11

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

On 26 March 2020, the Premier announced all public schools in Western Australia will stay open until Thursday, 9 April 2020, the end of Term 1. However, he and the Minister for Education and Training strongly encourage parents and carers to keep your children at home if they have access to online resources and are able to do so.

In the final two weeks schools will operate differently from usual and we acknowledge that where parents are choosing to keep students home there is the challenge of continuing education.

Learning programs for final week of Term 1:

·         Coordinated learning programs cease on Friday 3 April for students. 

·         From 6 – 9 April students attending school will be supervised but will not be provided with an individualised learning program. 

·         We understand that for some families being at school is essential and we do not discourage this attendance.

Curriculum provision:
The school continues to run face to face classes and this does include a broad range of online Connect resources that are available to access for some aspects of this term’s curriculum.  This access to a broader range of on-line resources across the curriculum supporting the Term 2 curriculum will increase and the actions around this are currently underway.  This will take some time as teachers and support staff across the state have not yet had their targeted planning time to consider and develop alternative modes of delivery.

In some instances teachers already have strong Connect Classes for their students and a range of other means that they are already using, in other instances these are currently being built. Information on how to access Connect has been released to our community via Facebook, email and on our website.

At this time we would remind parents and carers that:

·         Connect work for classes for this term’s work may be available and this is the work that they should be undertaking at this time

·         If some work is not available on Connect then The Department of Education’s new Learning at home website, located at www.education.wa.edu.au/learning-at-home  can be accessed by students and parents

Our ATAR students are already well engaged with many aspects of on-line learning and are using these tools on a daily basis. The majority of our ATAR students continue to attend.  The School for Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) are also producing work packages for ATAR courses, which will be available through the Department’s Learning from home website. 

We would discourage students that are not attending school/classes from coming to site as this defeats the purpose of their self-isolation as per Government guidelines. We will provide a further update once we have more specific details including the level of access available to resources, curriculum content and activities.

To help us to prepare further we would ask that families please complete the Remote Teaching and Learning Continuity Survey that was sent via text yesterday as this is essential to our planning for Term 2.  This will allow us to prepare during week 10 for our approaches to support all students to access their education.

Please use this link to access the Remote Teaching and Learning Continuity Survey.

Kind regards,

Domenic Camera