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From the Principal – Update #3

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Day 1 of school 2021:

We are pleased to be able to finally welcome our students back to school for 2021 commencing on Monday 8th February. We look forward to a wonderful start and hope that our students are keen to return to our school community and can again enjoy the routines of school at Australind Senior High School. Our staff are looking forward to commencing the new year and wish everyone a great year of learning ahead.

In particular, we look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 cohort and others that will join other year groups, as well as our existing students. We wish you well as you join our very proud and successful school community. We also welcome new staff to our school and wish them all the best in their professional journey with us.

This first welcome from me is designed to help you to plan for a different first day than we had originally planned. We would ask that you share this important information with your child or children so that they are aware of where to go this coming Monday.

  1. The weather forecast over the weekend and into Monday is for a lot of rain and the school has no capacity to hold a full assembly in a covered area. For this reason, we will not hold our traditional whole school welcome assembly on the front lawn before breaking up into year groups as we normally would. Instead, the following will occur on the morning of Day 1:

Students will come to the school site and by the first bell (8.35am) they will go to the protected area listed below for a year group assembly where they will be given their timetable, meet their period 1 teacher.  From there they will go with their teacher directly to their first class of the day.


Year Group

Go to this venue by the first bell Staff leading the year group assembly
Year 7 Egret Wing – Australind PS end Mr Hillier, Mr Terrantroy and Year 7 teachers
Year 8 Library Mrs Kimpton and Year 8 teachers
Year 9 Performing Arts Centre Mrs Nurse and Year 9 teachers
Year 10 Gym Mrs Simpson and Year 10 teachers
Year 11 Gym Mr Mungioli, Mrs MacNish and Year 11 teachers
Year 12 Egret Wing – Commercial Kitchen end Ms Roberts and Year 12 teachers

Later that day, and on Tuesday, we will hold year group assemblies to outline expectations and provide an opportunity for key people to address the students with important messages.

Please be reminded that on day 1, Break O’Day Drive will be very busy due to the vehicle traffic. The rain will add even more complexity to the morning.  We request that parents remain vigilant and patient as we have foot traffic, scooters, bicycles, buses and cars all sharing the same road into the school.

Please drop off students quickly and safely so that they can enter the school and traffic can continue to flow.  Parking will be difficult.

Staff will be available to direct students to their assembly areas if they are not certain where to go and there will also be a copy of the School Map attached to this advice.

Parents are reminded that they are not permitted onto the school site to access classrooms.

Entry to the site can only occur with the permission of the Principal and for education purposes.

Parents may go to the Administration block to discuss school business related to their child.

At all times, visitors to the Administration will need to sign in with the Safe WA App or sign in manually if they do not have the App. Established protocols around the use of hand sanitiser and social distancing should be adhered to. If you are unwell or have flu like symptoms, please do not visit to school and consider taking suitable action around your illness.

A school welcome newsletter will follow this publication and it will outline important matters for our school community and our families.

We welcome our students and their family to Australind Senior High School, and hope that the 2021 journey is a memorable one.

Yours sincerely,

Domenic Camera


 5 February 2021