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From the Principal Update #5 – Student Absence and Work Requests

We understand that some students will not be attending school at this time for many varied reasons.
At this time our attendance rates are 90%+ so the majority of students are at school.

All important information and updates will be placed on Connect as per our usual practice.
Students kept at home should ensure they have access to Connect, and their Connect classes.
Individual requests for homework will be challenging but aspects of classwork may be available through Connect.
Connect is also the easiest access to class content in the library, and to upload work completed by the student, direct to the teacher.
On-line learning is not a mainstream feature of our services but we are working on this to support the changing demands as this current situation develops further.
An email may be sent to your child’s teachers, although given that we continue to run traditional face to face classes our staff are very much committed.
As such an email process would be lengthy and response from the teacher delayed.
We will endeavour to do the best that we can to support this request, but I cannot guarantee this at this moment given the classroom responsibilities that currently exist.
The Department of Education is working towards improved on-line support and access for students unable to attend school in these varied circumstances.
We will continue to keep parents and students updated as we are updated.We would ask that parents please continue to keep us informed of their circumstances – australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au – and the school will continue to communicate and share information with students and parents.
Further information will follow as soon as it become available.

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