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From The Principal – Welcome to Term 4

Dear students, parents and carers,

Welcome back to school for Term 4.

The first day of Term 4 is Monday 10 October with our student free School Development Day later in the term in Week 3 on Friday 28 October 2022

As we commence this term we would like to bring to your attention some important reminders:

Traveling to and from school:

Students are reminded to be both safe and respectful when travelling to and from school. Ride bikes, skateboards and scooters with care and watch for pedestrians and other vehicles. If travelling by bus please respect the bus travel expectations, be sensible and respect the rights of other bus patrons. Be courteous in all situations.

Students are very identifiable when they wear the Australind SHS uniform. We wish to ensure that it is worn with pride and is reflected positively in the community.

Regular attendance:


·        It is a legal requirement that students attend school every day.

·        Is an essential part of students building on their learning and assists with your positive engagement with peers and school staff.

·        Is the responsibility of the parent/carer and the student.

·        absence and attendance is recorded every period.

·        Parents/carers are contacted when students are absent.

·        An absence will impact the student percentage attendance.

·        School procedures reflect the importance of attendance.


In the table below is an example of the impact of absences and what the percentage attendance reflects:


Attendance rate Days missed across the year

·        A term is generally 10 weeks and approximately 50 school days

·        The school year is generally 40 weeks and approximately 200 school days



·        Means 20 days of absence (4 weeks off school for the year)

·        This is 1 day away every fortnight or 0.5 days absent every week



·        40 days of absence (8 weeks off school for the year)

·        1 day away every week



·        60 days of absence (12 weeks off school for the year)

·        1.5 days away every week



·        80 days of absence (16 weeks off school for the year)

·        2 days away every week


*The accumulation of Period absences has a very significant impact on the % student attendance.


Wearing correct school uniform is an expectation of the school. We wish to thank parents and student for their continued support of this expectation.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS):

PBS endeavours to raise everyone’s awareness of the importance of acting in positive and constructive, and recognising positive and constructive actions and behaviours. This is reflected in the agreed values of Respect, Kindness and Responsibility in the school PBS matrix. Engaging positively with peers, school staff, the community, and taking a constructive approach to school work and the school environment are all aspects of PBS that we encourage. We will always try to “catch them doing something good” and look for positive ways to acknowledge the many good habits that are possible.

We look forward to a busy and productive Term 4 as we farewell out Year 12 Leavers in Week 1 and then also welcome our 2023 Year 7 student cohort through our transition activities later in the term, with a lot happening in between. Please stay connected to us and we look forward to continuing to work closely with you.


Yours sincerely,



10 October 2022