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ASHS has a proud history of academic, sporting and human success. As an Independent Public School, we look to the future with energy, determined to continue to provide our students with a world class education and memories of a nurturing, exciting school experience.

As an Independent Public School, we carefully select the highest quality teaching staff to ensure our students achieve their potential. Our school community can rest assured that our students are learning at their highest capacity and growing into remarkable people.

Enrolment at Australind Senior High School is a two-step process

Step 1 Application for Enrolment

For your Application for Enrolment to be processed all requested documentation is required to be provided to support the application.

Please email your completed online form and all documentation to tania.murphy@education.wa.edu.au

In the subject line – Can you please provide the following details.

RE: AFE – Student Name, School

Step 2 Enrolment

If your Application for Enrolment is approved, you will be forwarded an Enrolment form to complete by Friday July 31, 2020.

If you are unable to complete this Application for Enrolment form, please contact ASHS on 9797 4400 to request a hard copy.

The forms must be returned by Friday July 3, 2020 with all supporting documentation

Application for Enrolment 2020-2