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  • Principals Message May 30, 2019 Domenic Camera Principal Australind SHS Welcome to Australind Senior High School 2019. As we commence this new and exciting school year I would like to acknowledge our staff in delivering exceptional 2018 Year 12 results that placed the school in the Top 50 School Rankings. Our success

Principals Message

Domenic Camera
Australind SHS

Welcome to Australind Senior High School 2019.

As we commence this new and exciting school year I would like to acknowledge our staff in delivering exceptional 2018 Year 12 results that placed the school in the Top 50 School Rankings. Our success in the ATAR (university entry) Pathway has been exceptionally pleasing with English and Chemistry finishing in the top performing school courses across the State. Our ATAR Dux Geoffrey Saunders topped the cohort with an ATAR score of 99.05. Another twelve students also turned in scores above 90, with 3 students only just falling short of 99 by the smallest of margins with 98+ scores, with an overall cohort Median ATAR of 82.1. Those applying for university places in 2019 having achieved a Median ATAR of 84.4, with 60% gaining an ATAR of 80 or higher. Of our students applying for university entrance, students were offered a placement with 85% being offered their first preference, this same statistic for all schools across the State was only 68%. The opportunities available to our students continue to be outstanding.

Our Vocational Pathways results have also been pleasing and continue to support student aspirations.  Our reported performance was not accurate due to issues associated with external RTO’s and the strict cut off dates for submission of data to SCSA.  Our WACE achievement/Attainment data result was 90%+ which continues to be outstanding.

On balance, the school continues to cater individually for all students in our attempt to support students in their journey towards post school destinations.

This year our projected enrolment is pushing towards 1500 students with further growth forecast. Our Year 7 enrolment continues to grow and sits at around 300 students.  This follows the trend in our local primary schools. As a result, we have had to closely consider our enrolment processes to ensure that we continue to have the capacity to enrol local students. In support of this growth, the school has now moved to a 6 period day so that we can provide greater access to our specialist facilities in areas such as The Arts, Technologies, and other resources where we have felt the pressure related to our growth.

We wish all of our students and staff a great year ahead and it is my pleasure to introduce a number of new staff to Australind SHS that will be working with our students; Rhett Bennetts (Health and Physical Education), Hayden Brown (Humanities and Social Sciences), Vanessa Bowden (Mathematics), Mary Dunn (English), Rebecca Drury (Performing Arts), Samantha Ellis (English), Nathen Kubler (Science), Luke Philip (Music) Alex Marinelli (Mathematics and Information Technology), Josh Nimmo (Health and Physical Education), Narelle Alstad (Health and Physical Education), Abigail Stephenson (Mathematics), Abigail Stephenson (Mathematics), Billie-Gay Thomas (Humanities and Social Sciences), Gerald Thomas (Technologies), Chloe Wiggers (English), Kelly Summers (Deputy Principals and HoLA The Arts),  Kathleen Fenton (School Nurse Tuesday and Wednesday), Penny Gaskell (Education Assistant), Brodie Hopper (Education Assistant AUSLAN), Carol MacLean (Education Assistant), Laura Nieuwpoort (Education Assistant) and Ashe Warrick (Student Support Officer).

Staff returning from leave include Michelle Aslett, Samantha Ellis and Steve Howell.

Australind SHS staff and students wish to congratulate our Year 12 student executive leadership team for as they are important advocates for the student body. With the support of Mr Paul Renfree and Ms Abbie Walton, these students will continue to work closely with the School Executive Team and the School Board to continue to create student drive opportunities.

The 2019 Student Executive include: Mya Brown, Byron Burton, Sophie Clifton, Fletcher Cornish – Vice Captain, Chris Lawler, Lauren Quaife – Vice Captain, Jack Stubbs, Danielle Suckling – School Captain

The growth of Student leadership across the school is very important to us, and this year this group will function in different structure as a Leadership Triad that includes a School Captain, along with two Vice-Captains. We look forward to the wonderful opportunities that might be created as we work closely with our students.

This year we continue to encourage students in all year groups to consider Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to school and this can be Android, Windows, Mac or any IOS machine that meets minimum specification (a mobile phone is not a suitable device).  Our BYOD program software will be based on Microsoft Office 365 Software as is available on all platforms and access is free for all students. Students will store their work in One drive as students now have access now to 100gb of data that they can access from home and school. Every student prints via web print in ‘Papercut’, available on any device.

An events not to miss is the Year 7 Student and Parent Welcome BBQ on the Front Lawn after school to be held on Wednesday 13th February.

Enjoy the year ahead and please continue to communicate with us as openly as possible because our partnership with parents/caregivers is an essential link supporting the success of our students.

Yours sincerely,

Domenic Camera


School Communication

As of the end of Term 1, the Australind Senior High School app has been cancelled and is no longer being used for school communication.
The schools’ current communication platforms are as follows:


Term Planners and latest news updates are posted to the website. Information on policies, procedures and forms are easily accessible from the home page.


Is the SMS system we utilise to send text messages to parents/carers to notify of unexplained absences or late arrivals to school.  SMS will also be used to provide direct communication concerning community notices or unplanned events such as school closures. Information on downloading the School Star app may be found here


Securely access your child’s learning assessments, stay informed about school activities and events and communicate easily with teachers.  CONNECT allows the parent to engage in the child’s learning anytime, anywhere and on any device.  If you are not familiar with Connect, please contact the school to receive information on obtaining a secure user name and password.

Parent Guide – Connect Now
CONNECT Parents – FAQParent Flyer – Secondary


Photos and current news from school events, excursions and students extra curricular achievements are published on our Facebook page.

Newsletter Issue 1 May 2019

Please click the link below to view the ASHS Newsletter Issue 1 May 2019

ASHS Newsletter Issue 1 May 2019

Intimate Image Laws

Young people are not exempt from the new Intimate Image Laws (Criminal Law Amendment Act 2018 (WA) 15 April 2019). Any person over the age of 10 can be charged if they commit a criminal offence in WA, including the new intimate image offence.
Information on the new law has been placed around the school and is also available at Student Services. Parents and Guardians may find further further information here

Midford Uniform Shop

Australind Senior High School Uniform Shop will close for Term 1 school holidays on Thursday 11th April at 11.30am.  Additional Term 2 holiday trading hours are :
Tuesday 30th April   8.00 am to 11.30 am
Wednesday 1st May  8.00 am to 11.30 am

The Uniform Shop will return to normal hours on Monday 6th May.  Throughout the school term opening hours are:
Monday          12.30 pm  to   4.00 pm
Wednesday      8.00 am  to 11.30 am
Thursday          8.00 am  to 11.30 am 
Phone 9797 0337 Email

Trading Days Term 2 2019

ASHS 2019 School Year

Attached herewith copy letter – Australind Senior High School 2019 School Year:

  Letter Parents Carers re access documents web site

School Star

Australind Senior High School will be implementing a new system that will use mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) to send text messages to parents/carers/guardians to notify them of an unexplained absence or late arrival of their child.  SMS may also be used to provide information to parents such as school community notices and emergency/unplanned events such as school closures.

From START DATE parents will be informed by SMS to their mobile phone each time their child is absent and an explanation has not already been provided to the school.  If your child is absent and a reason has been provided before the time the SMS is due to be sent, you will not receive a text message.

Australind Senior High School is introducing SMS communications to build on existing attendance procedures and to ensure that parents are notified as soon as possible if their child is absent from school without an explanation.  This system has been shown to assist in making schools (and parents) more aware of where students are and improve student attendance.  These factors will enhance learning opportunities for all students and contribute to their safety.

PLEASE NOTE it is very important if you change your mobile number that you advise the school.

For information on how to download School Star please click on the below:

  School Star

School Uniform 2019

Australind Senior High School is integrating our school uniform from 2019 – the uniform change will become compulsory in 2020.  The new PE House Polo will be available for purchase for all students in 2019.  Please find herewith the Midford School Uniform updated price list and photos of the new school uniform.  Please see our School Uniform Policy below, for further information.

  Price List 2019 – Midford Uniform Price List from 2019

  Uniform Photos 2019 – Photos of ASHS uniform from 2019

  PE House Polo Shirts – Photos of ASHS PE uniform from 2019

 School Uniform  Policy

ASHS BYOD Program 2019

Australind Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – PROGRAM OVERVIEW


Australind Senior High School is moving to a Bring Your Own Device arrangement for all students (Year 7 – 12) commencing Term 4, 2018 for current students and will include our 2019 Year 7 student cohort. At ASHS we have a view that students and staff should be able to bring any device on to site and have access to our friendly BYOD learning environment.

This program means that students will be strongly encouraged to bring an approved electronic device to school so that they can undertake a range of educational activities.  The school now has greater bandwidth capacity and this will enable devices to work effectively on our school’s wireless system.

Students are gaining new skills necessary for their future workplaces and careers and finding this aspect to be very engaging.  We are currently reviewing our communication with parents so that it can be more immediate through platforms such as SEQTA or Connect, this will be confirmed shortly.

It is recommended that devices do not have access to 3G/4G telecommunications networks while at school and only connect to our wireless network. If students do have connectivity access other than that provided by the school, then this supervision is the responsibility of the parent. We can only block web access to certain undesirable sites through our school network, and have no ability to supervise or filter access through 3G/4G connections.

iPhones and similar devices are not suitable for school use and are not supported in classrooms. The Department of Education has Policies in place around the use of mobile phones and other devices on the school site.

Parents and students are reminded that all personal devices remain the responsibility of the student at all times and the school does not take any liability for loss or damage. There is no school insurance available to cover this, so personal arrangements would need to be made to protect devices ie thought Home and Contents Insurance.

This is an exciting development and we do hope that students will be able to have access to this important initiative as this will benefit them immensely in all of their classes as an important tool supporting their learning and engagement.

What devices could I bring on-site?

Device TypeAndroid TabletWindows Laptop Mac LaptopIpad
Operating SystemAndroid 4.x or laterWindows 7 Service Pack 2 or laterOS X 10.9 or lateriOS 8.0 or later
Wireless Minimum


5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n5GHz 802.11a/b/g/n
Min Screen size


10 inch10 inch13 inch10 inch
Storage capacity




Battery Life Min


6 hrs6 hrs6 hrs6 hrs



If unsure what to buy these are some allowed suggestions:

  • Dell Inspiron 3000 11.3″ 2-in-1 Laptop [A60] RRP $399
  • HP 14-BW021AU 14″ Laptop [E2] RRP $368
  • Microsoft Surface Go 64GB Tablet RRP $598

What will these devices have access to on-site?

  • Microsoft Office 365 – Students have access to Office 365 for FREE from department for duration of their schooling. ( To download office go to and use your students email ie and password)
  • 100gb FREE storage on available via logging in with student account.
  • Web print via papercut, students can print from any device via a web browser.
  • Access to school files and work via Connect
  • Access to school monitored wireless network to research information.

We hope you will take advantage of being able to bring a device on to our site, if you have any questions please give us a call on 9797 4400.

Y10 Elective options 2019

A text message was sent to all Y10 parent/carer/guardian “1” today (24 August 2018) that contained a link to an online form.  Below is the link to information regarding Y10 Elective offerings.

Year 10 Elective options 2019