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Midford Uniform Shop – Unscheduled Closure

Midford Uniforms will be closed on Thursday 4 November.
To compensate, the onsite uniform shop will be open on Monday 8 November from 8am to 4pm.
0474 103 040
Kodie Scibilia
Uniform Shop Manager

ARTS@ASHS – Celebrating Arts Week

ASHS comes alive this week, as we celebrate and promote our incredible award winning Arts Department.
Students will be immersed in an array of incredible Arts experiences each day – with our school community warmly invited to attend the Opening Night Arts Exhibition on Tuesday November 2nd.
Check Connect for more details, and RSVP to Opening Night via email australind.shs@education.wa.edu.au


School Development Day – Friday 29 October

A reminder to parents, carers and students of our School Development Day on Friday 29 October 2021.

Students do not attend school this day.



2021 Leavers Ceremony Ticket Sales

We remind our families of Year 12 students of the 4 tickets per student allocation to the 2021 Leavers Ceremony at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre on Monday 29 November 2021. This allocation is required to ensure all parents/carers of our Class of 2021 are able to purchase tickets to attend the Leavers Ceremony in the first round. The second round of tickets sales – if applicable – will be on sale Friday 5 November 2021.

BREC have advised us several families have purchased tickets over multiple transactions to secure more than the allocated 4 per student. We advise our families that our Class of 2021 is a large cohort of students, and we wish for all of our families to have the opportunity to join with us to celebrate every student’s success and achievement in 2021. Please abide by the limit of 4 tickets per student to ensure our 2021 Leavers Ceremony is enjoyed by all.
22 October 2021

Bunbury Community Health – Triple P Parenting, Raising Responsible Teenagers

Bunbury Community Health are offering Teen Triple P Seminar – Raising Responsible Teenagers over 3 sessions commencing on Tuesday 26 October. The venue is South West Sports Centre Bunbury, is a free program with light refreshments available and bookings are essential. More information is available by phoning 9795 2888




Semester 2 ATAR Exams – Year 11 Students

Please find attached an updated timetable for the Year 11 ATAR Exams commencing on Thursday 21 October to Thursday 28 October.

Students are required to check the amendments of exam days and times, and be sure to follow this timetable dated 12 October 2021.

From the Principal – Our Position on Vaping

Dear parents and carers,

Electronic Cigarette use (Vaping)

Students should not be vaping or using any other harmful substances that can have a negative effect on their development, and impact their ability to learn and thrive.

The role of the school is to ensure that students understand the impacts, and schools play an integral role in educating young Western Australians to make choices that keep them healthy and safe.  This also includes responding to harmful and illegal activities, including vaping. ​

When students breach school expectations associated with harmful activities such as vaping, a consequence will be applied.  There will also be support offered so that individuals can consider making informed changes through further awareness raising of the potential risks of their behaviours.  All public schools teach age-appropriate drug education that helps students make smarter choices.  School staff have access to additional support to do this through School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA) comprehensive professional learning programs and resources.


E-Cigarettes and the law as it relates to States across Australia– is it legal?


Nicotine E-cigarette

Non-Nicotine E-cigarette


  Sale / Purchase Use Sale / Purchase Age restriction Use Restrictions on where they can be used Advertising
VIC No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
NSW No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
QLD No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
WA No No No No No
SA No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
NT No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
ACT No No Yes 18+ Yes Yes No
TAS No Yes Yes 18+ Yes Yes No


Reference source: Alcohol and Drug Foundation – E-Cigarettes

The School and Department Behaviour Management Policy and Guidelines outline the approach taken to breaches of this type that fall into the category of an “Illegal Substance” in Western Australia.

The specific matter of Vaping also falls under the Department of Education Occupational Safety and Health Policy and Guidelines as smoking and associated behaviours are prohibited on a Government site i.e. Department of Education sites.

 Further information can be sourced at:

·       Department of Health WA: Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) (healthywa.wa.gov.au)

·       Medicines and Poisons Act 2014

·       Tobacco Products Control Act 2006 

·       School Drug Education and Road Aware (SDERA)

·       Alcohol and Drug Foundation – E-Cigarettes / https://adf.org.au/

·       Department of Education/Policies

Further Australia wide information to parents and students on this topic is also available at School TV Report https://australind.wa.schooltv.me/wellbeing_news/special-report-vaping-au



10 October 2021

Term 4 Commencement – Monday 11 October

Welcome back to Term 4. 
Assemblies for all years will be held in Period 1 Monday 11 October.

Year 7 students go to normal classes, Period 1 teachers will hand out new timetables

Year 8 far end of Egret Wing, near primary school

Year 9 Gym

Year 10 PAC

Year 11 Gym

Year 12 front of Egret Wing – Year 12 common area

As there will be room changes for this Term, updated timetables will be provided to all students.  If you arrive late to school, please present to the Front Office to receive your new timetable. 


Students will be required to bring their TransWA Smartrider/Library Card to school when signing in late. This new system allows us to streamline the sign in process of students who are arriving late to school. Once students have registered their TransWA Smartrider/Library Card, the new late arrival to school process will now ensure students are able to promptly commence their timetabled class. Please speak with the Attendance Officers, Library Officer or Front Office staff if you require a new or replacement TransWA Smartrider Card.

How to Register your Smart Rider Card on the Kiosk located at Student Services

Step 1   Touch screen to begin

Step 2   Select ‘Register Card’

Step 3   Type and select your name from list (If you cannot find your name, please speak to a school staff member)

Step 4   Type your date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)

Step 5   Tap card for the first time on the back right of the Kiosk

Step 6   Tap card for the second time to confirm

Step 7   Touch the orange tick on the screen


Students are reminded due to the commencement of building works, please be mindful and stay clear of marked and fenced off areas.



Community Notice – School Site Closure

COMMUNITY NOTICE – Australind Senior High School
Australind Senior High School school site will be closed from Monday 27 September until Sunday 10 October inclusive, due to extensive building works.
As this scope of work includes the demolition and removal of buildings that contain asbestos, no school visitors or community members are to attend the school site during this time.

9797 4400

Year 9 and 10 2022 Electives

In Year 9 and 10 at Australind Senior High School, all students will study English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Science, Health and General Physical Education.

Classes will be formed later in Term 4 2021, based on anticipated population and outcomes achieved in 2021

Parents will receive a full course printout with their Charges and Voluntary Contributions schedule in December 2021.
In addition to these core subjects, students will choose a number of elective options.
This will generally be three electives, we encourage students to choose subjects of interest.
If a student is involved in other programs (eg. Literacy, Excel, Jazz Music, Languages) the number of elective choices will be reduced.
Please find attached the 2022 Year 9 and Year 10 Elective Booklets for reference.
PLEASE NOTE: Course charges may vary slightly, and confirmation will be provided in December.
Due date for completion is of elective choices is Friday 1 October for Year 10 2022 students and Monday 4 October for Year 9 2022 students.
Details on how students are to select their electives is published on Connect.            

2022 Year 9 Elective Booklet

2022 Year 10 Elective Booklet