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Principal’s Message


Domenic Camera
Australind SHS

The staff of Australind Senior High School wish to welcome you back for the 2021 school year.  This year as we welcome our new staff and students commencing at our school, we acknowledge the importance of the support of our community and our partnership with families. I also wish to commend our students for the manner in which they managed 2020 and look forward to a new year with fewer impacts on our community as we move beyond an uncertain week 1 of this school year.

In the main, we remain in Stage 4 easing of restrictions, we will continue to maintain our additional cleaning across the school throughout the school day. We would also expect that students and other people that come into the school respect the good practices that have been essential in maintaining good health of everyone. We will continue to remind students of this importance and encourage them to look after their physical and mental health. The school does have all of the necessary hygiene products available for student but a personal supply of hand sanitiser and soap is also very worthwhile. Please be reminded that aerosol sprays are not suitable for use on a school site.

All visitors to the school through our Administration are reminded that they will need to sign in with the Safe WA App or sign in manually if they do not have the App. Established protocols around the use of hand sanitiser and social distancing should be adhered to. If you are unwell or have flu like symptoms, please do not visit the school and consider taking suitable action around your illness. There may also be times when we will need to restrict the number of visitors that we have in the enclosed foyer of the Administration area.

We have again come off the back of our on-going high performance results in both ATAR and Vocational Pathways. Our Vocational Education and Training students participated across 43 individual Certificate II – IV training packages and our ATAR students ended with a cohort result of 1.5 Standard Deviations above the predicated Median ATAR Score. Which means that we again performed above expected and have done so every year since 2018. Over half of our ATAR Course performance finished higher than State performance, with 23% of our ATAR students turned in scores above 90 – finishing in the top 10% – and an exceptional 80% of the cohort finished in the top 30% of the state.

Over 95% of our students successfully achieved an effective ATAR score or a Certificate completion, while other successfully transitioned into apprenticeships and other employment pathways. I wish to acknowledge all staff for their work, value adding across their schooling, and for their support in partnership with families for the journey of the Year 12 Class of 2020.  This was our first Year 7 cohort to commence at ASHS in 2015, so this was a milestone for all of us. We will continue to build on this success as we have now achieved this in consecutive years.

We continue to celebrate our ability to support students in achieving their aspirations given that a big school can offer much more to each individual. This year our projected enrolment continues to nudge towards 1500 students with further growth forecast. This follows the trend in our local primary schools. As a result, we have had to closely consider our enrolment processes to ensure that we continue to have the capacity to enrol local students.

This year the following important commitments are emerging:

  • A new business plan with a continued emphasis on Quality Teaching supporting learning
  • A stronger and varied whole school approach to physical and mental wellbeing through our curriculum
  • The start of a Positive Behaviour Support journey acknowledging the positive actions and outcomes that our students bring to the school every day, while explicitly teaching students expectations supporting their positive engagement and success.

This and more will support our school community and enable it to continue to flourish.  We are committed to maintaining a culture of support and high expectations for everyone, and to continue to grow and showcase our remarkable young people to be the best that they can be.

Mobile Phones:

One of the biggest changes to school culture in 2020 was the by the Minister for Education on the need for mobile phones not be to be used during the school day.  We have been delighted by the level of support that students and parents have provided on this new position.  As a result, we will use this first week of school as an opportunity to remind students explicitly that their mobile phones must be “OFF AND AWAY ALL DAY” immediately once they enter onto the school site and while they are on the school site. We will have signs that remind students of this fact. If parents wish to contact their child during the school day, parents can call the school and we will get a message to them. Please reinforce with your child that their mobile phone needs to be away while on site or else the phone will be confiscated. A confiscated phone will be returned at the end of the day for an initial breach, but repeat offenders will need have a parent pick up the phone so that we can discuss repeated breaches of this policy.

We will share with parents the information that we will be sharing with students across the first week of the school year to assist them in their decision making around the use of mobile phones.

This device restriction does not apply to a student iPad or a laptop that should be used responsibly for learning purposes utilising the school Wi-Fi.

Australind SHS wishes to acknowledge our student leaders as they important advocates for the student body and provide the school and the School Board with an essential student voice. We look forward to the wonderful opportunities that might be created as we work closely with these students. We also congratulate our School Captains for 2021.

Our 2021 Student Executive will include:


Fletcher Ward            School Captain
Larissa Madaffari       School Captain

Latisha Hough            School Vice-Captain

Arif Nokey

Benjamin Dexter

Molly Pedersen

Alice Emmerton

EJ Rojo

Jesse Graham

Elissa Oakey

Kieran Belfield



Austin Ballantyne

Beth Gallagher

Claire Brown

Charlee Hookham

Maddison Shanun

Zach Allen

Indiana Ta-Murton

Kirsten Read

Mia Powell

An event not to miss is the Year 7 Student and Parent Welcome BBQ on the Front Lawn after school. This is a great opportunity to meet the staff that will work closely with your children. The detail of this event will be circulated to families shortly through their classrooms.  We have also been fortunate to have secured our Federal Member Hon. Nola Marino to speak with parents of Year 7’s on the topic of Social Media and the impact on our young people. More details to follow.

We wish all members of our school community a successful 2021 ahead. Should parents/caregivers like to make any comment in relation to their child or our services, please contact the school directly and we will be very happy to assist.

We also wish to remind parents and student of the importance and relevance of our school motto “Through Endeavour, Success” as this approach helps us to grow our remarkable young people!

Domenic Camera


6 February 2021