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Year 7



A happy child enjoys school and learns effectively. That’s why we have established a wonderful new home for our Year 7 students. We have developed a range of curriculum, sporting, specialist, and wellbeing programs to make sure your child has a smooth transition from primary school to secondary school.

Our Egret Wing is a brand new specialist facility which provides:

• wonderful open spaces for collaborative learning
• a state of the art commercial kitchen
• home rooms with dedicated teachers
• all the latest technology
• flexible sun drenched classrooms
• a separate Year 7 zone to ensure the best possible learning environment.

We work hard to provide opportunities for your child to build their self-esteem, be resilient, foster positive relationships with others and look after their health and wellbeing.  Our care teams includes:

• student support officers
• AIEO staff to provide support to our Indigenous students
• peer support programs
• access to psychologists, nurses and other health and wellbeing staff

Enrolment documents for 2023

Australind Senior High School is a gazetted Local Intake school and can only guarantee places to students who reside within the Local Intake Area or are accepted into one of our Specialist Programs. In all circumstances, all appropriate supporting documentation must be provided with your enrolment to begin the enrolment process.

Please refer to this map to check your address for our Local Intake Area.

Prinicpal Welcome and Enrolment Instructions

Specialist Program Application Form 2023

Music Course Selection Form 2023

EXCEL Sport and Leadership 2023

Policies and permissions as referred in the parent Permission and Consent Form

2023 Health and Physical Education Travel Permission

2023 Permission to Publish Appendix F

2023 SmartRider Library Card Policy

2023 Student Computer Network User Policy

2023 Third Party Consent Catalogue – BUNDLED

2023 Third Party Consent Catalogue – EXPLICIT

2023 Third Party Consent Catalogue – NOTIFICATION

2023 Uniform Policy

For more information on our Specialist Programs, please refer to this post

All enrolment paperwork and specialist program applications has been delivered to our Year 6 families from all feeder Primary Schools or available to download from this page.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to call 9797 4400, selecting option ‘1’ for enrolments or email Australind.SHS.Year6-7transition@education.wa.edu.au

Our school has been providing quality education outcomes to our community for 35 years. We continue to be the best performing school in the Region in both university access performance and Vocational Education and Training access supporting post school aspirations. At Australind, we believe the greatest gift we can give your child is the power of independent learning, through a unique and personalised education. We deliver dynamic and inspiring learning experiences for our Year 7 students along with wellbeing support appropriate to each student’s circumstances. We welcome you to join our community as parents in a partnership that will support your child in forging a successful future with confidence and purpose.