Year 7



A happy child enjoys school and learns effectively. That’s why we have established a wonderful new home for our Year 7 students. We have developed a range of curriculum, sporting, specialist, and wellbeing programs to make sure your child has a smooth transition from primary school to secondary school.

Our Egret Wing is a brand new specialist facility which provides:

• wonderful open spaces for collaborative learning
• a state of the art commercial kitchen
• home rooms with dedicated teachers
• all the latest technology
• flexible sun drenched classrooms
• a separate Year 7 zone to ensure the best possible learning environment.

We work hard to provide opportunities for your child to build their self-esteem, be resilient, foster positive relationships with others and look after their health and wellbeing.  Our care teams includes:

• student support officers
• AIEO staff to provide support to our Indigenous students
• peer support programs
• access to psychologists, nurses and other health and wellbeing staff


Year 7 Program Coordinator Transition

A dedicated Year 7 coordinator assists your child with the transition from primary school to secondary school.  She works closely with the Year 7 teachers and provides a point of contact for parents. With assistance from the student services team, our Year 7 Coordinator provides support to every Year 7 student – managing the day-to-day issues associated with life in Year 7 and is located in the Egret Wing so is easily accessible to all Year 7 students.

Our Transition Program Coordinator is:

Kelly Prime
T: 9797 4400