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Leave Pass Procedure

Parents, carers and students are reminded of the Leave Pass Procedure.

Regular attendance:

·        It is a legal requirement that students attend school every day.

·        Regular attendance is an essential part of students building on their learning and assists with your positive engagement with peers and school staff.

·        Regular attendance is the responsibility of the parent/carer and the student

·        Student absence and attendance is reported every period.

·        Parents/carers are contacted when students are absent.

·        This will impact the student percentage attendance.


Movement during class time:

·        Students should not be out of class during class time without the approval of their teacher and they must have a movement pass.

·        Class time movement is limited.

·        Student should ensure that they organise their personal needs during the break.


Students arriving late to school:

·        Students must sign in at the Attendance Window when they come to site after the bell to signal the commencement of the school day.

·        Students cannot be admitted to any class or entered onto the roll unless they have signed in and been provided with a late note which they must hand to their teacher.

·        A teacher should not accept a student into their class if they have been absent and have not followed this procedure and do not have a note/pass to admit them. Compass will show a timestamp for when they arrived.

·        Parents/carers will be notified that their child is late.

·        This will impact the student percentage attendance.


Student leaving site: It is a duty of care requirement that once students have come onto the school site they cannot leave the site.

·        If a student does need to leave site for an appointment, they must report to the Attendance Window next to the canteen and have evidence to verify why they need to leave site. 

·        We will contact parents/carers as reasonable and appropriate.

·        We would ask that parents and carers only support genuine reasons for students leaving site and these may or may not be authorised by the school.

·        If students leave site without permission, contact will be made with parents/carers and an appropriate arrangement put into place

·        This absence will impact the student percentage attendance.



10 October 2022