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Mobile Phone and Headphone Use in Classrooms

Mobile phone use and listening devices that fit into the ear have become an unreasonable distraction and a significant barrier to students engaging with their teacher and peers in the classroom. This is now one of the most common reasons for conflict in the classroom and behaviour referrals.


In line with Department of Education Policy parents and students are reminded that it is not necessary or acceptable for mobile phones to be switched on or used during class/lesson or study times anywhere in the school, and at any time in the Library.


Students moving between classes or with a movement pass during class time should not be using their phones during these class period times.


  • Mobile phones must be turned off and out of sight at the start of the school day and should be in bags to avoid the temptation for use.
  • Mobile phones must be turned off and out of sight before and during class times.
  • Any form of listening device that fits into the ear that can link to a device for example headphones, earpods, wireless earpods, should be put away and out of sight at all of the times outlined above.


Our Staff will reaffirm to students this Department and School policy position on the first day of Term 3, and full protocols and procedures around the associated consequences will also be outlined.