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Semester 1 ATAR Exams – Year 11 and 12

Year 11/12 Exams Semester 1 2021

Candidate Instructions

Exam Location (map attached)

Kingdom Hall – Break O’Day Drive, Australind

Friday 21 May to Thursday 27 May

Please find attached the Semester 1 Exam Schedule, and note the new location of exams for Semester 1 due to the current building works being undertaken at the school.

Students will be required to sign in at Kingdom Hall, and do not need to attend the ASHS Front Office to sign in.

All students sitting exams must read and comply with the following exam conditions:

1.             Students must arrive at the Exam centre 15 mins prior to the exam start time.

2.             Upon entering the exam room, students need to sign their name on the exam attendance sheet.

3.             School uniform must be worn, including correct footwear.

4.             No food is to be consumed in the exam room. Students may drink water in a clear water bottle.

5.             It is the student’s responsibility to bring pens, ruler and the approved calculators. Pencil cases can only be used if transparent in nature.

6.             In the case of illness, a Doctor’s Medical Certificate must be produced.

7.             To communicate with a supervisor, raise your hand.

8.             Once exams have begun there is to be no communication between candidates, verbal or non-verbal.

9.             Students are not permitted to leave an exam until the completion of the allocated time for that examination.

10.          No mobile phones, iPods or any other electronic equipment is permitted in the exam room.

11.          Students are to remain in the seat allocated, until dismissed by the supervisor.

12.          When dismissed by the supervisor students must leave the exam room and centre immediately.

13.          Follow all instructions of the exam supervisor and consider the rights of others in an exam.

–       Failure to follow any of the above conditions will see students removed from the exam centre immediately.

–       Students will meet with Deputy Principal(s)/ Principal for final determination of the consequence.

–       This can be an immediate 0 / fail result for the candidate. Parents will be contacted.



10th May 2021

Sem 1 Exams