The majority of the Year 11 and 12 students who are completing studies in the ATAR pathway are enrolled in the Recreational Pursuits (ADRP) endorsed program, as part of their RELAX class. Australind SHS understands and acknowledges that completing an ATAR pathway in Year 11 and 12 requires a high level of commitment and cognitive load, and for students to achieve their best, they need an opportunity to ‘relax’ their brain through the day so that they are better prepared to take in more information.

Recreational Pursuits is an Authority-developed endorsed program that enables a student engaged in a recreational activity to be recognised for the significant learning encompassed within such activities. Students select to join one of the following classes: Upper School Sport, Upper School Art, Upper School Performing Arts or Recreational Pursuits.

Upper School Sport: students will participate in a variety of team based sports and a few individual sports. There is the requirement to peer teach the class for one assessment and to be capable of umpiring across a few sports.

Upper School Art: a variety of art mediums will be used to teach students foundation artistic skills. A desire to complete a piece of art that could be showcased is essential.

Recreational Pursuits: students will participate in activities which advance their physical and mental development in a variety of non-sporting activities. A willingness to be active and engaged is required.

Upper School Performing Arts: students will participate in activities which will develop their practical skills and an aesthetic understanding of Drama. This course primarily consists of ensemble performances and teamwork. Students will present a performance.

Students also have the option of completing CUA20620 – Certificate II in Music, which is studied across two years.

In a ‘normal’ week, students will participate in three lessons. This is supplemented with two periods of private study per week. A ‘C’ grade in Year 11 and Year 12 will be awarded upon successful completion of 55 hours’ participation and portfolio submissions.