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Third Party Consent Online Services

Australind Senior High School is required to provide parents/carers with information concerning the Third Party Online Services we currently use in our school and classrooms, by teachers, staff and students.

There are three (3) consent categories for Third Party Online Services which require parent consent for their student to access and use, NOTIFICATION, BUNDLED AND EXPLICIT.

Each of these services we have been providing and utilising in our school for some time, providing a positive benefit to our student learning capabilities.

Please select from the three (3) consent categories for Third party Online Services in the questions on this form, referring to the documents attached outlining the consent categories and details of Third Party Online Services which apply, and provide your consent for each of these services for your students at Australind Senior High School.

We require this consent completed and submitted by Tuesday 16th March 2021 to ensure your student is able to continue using the online services in the classroom.

Thank you for your time.



Third Party Catalogue Appendix G – NOTIFICATION
Third Party Catalogue Appendix H – BUNDLED
Third Party Catalogue Appendix I – EXPLICIT