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99 Club

99 Club

Year 12 graduates who achieve an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 99 and above places them in the top 1% of results in Western Australia.

An ATAR of 99 and above highlights exceptional talent, but also shows the focus and dedication of each student to achieve their very best.
All these graduates have been included as honorary members of the exclusive 99 Club.
We applaud their families, principals and teachers who supported these exceptional graduates throughout their educational journey.

99 Club Members

2013 Stuart Watt
2013 Liam Heidt
2011 Jacinta Shah
2011 Jason Chan
2010 Abdullah Kanbour
2009 Samuel Lymbery
2009 Cailin Strange
2007 Jeremy Cheang
2007 Rowan Lymbery
2007 Jonathon Stewart
2005 David Scaife
2004 Claire Smart
2003 Alison Carter
2002 Craig Hookham
2002 Siao-Nge Hoon
2001 Megan Butler
2001 Anita Fuhrmann
2001 Tim Pederick