Message From Principal

As a parent, I understand the great importance of choosing the right school for your child. I invite you to explore Australind Senior High School, one of the fastest growing and successful Independent Public Schools in Western Australia.

As the largest regional senior high school, our school is alive, increasing potential and possibilities which is the strength of a big school setting. As an Independent Public School, we pride ourselves on a continuing tradition of excellence in academic, vocational, cultural and sporting pursuits.

At Australind SHS, we believe the greatest gift we can give your child is the power of independent learning, through a unique and personalised education. We have a very clear focus on meeting the needs of all our students through a diverse range of quality curriculum opportunities. We set high standards for your child.

The Australind SHS community will support your child while they are at school. Our goal is for our students to enjoy a positive school experience through our enriched curricular and co-curricular programs, that continue to emerge as we plan for the future of our students in our region and across Western Australia.

Our staff are experienced and skilled in their work and take great pride in our school as they deliver outstanding educational programs that support each student’s journey.

We believe that our youth are our future and our actions around our school motto ‘Growing Remarkable People’ reflects this belief.

We provide our students with the opportunities, encouragement and support to be extraordinary in whatever they choose to do in life. We look forward to welcoming you and your child into our vibrant school community.

Domenic Camera