The School Education Act 1999 requires all children to be engaged in school, training or approved employment until the end of Year 12.

The Department of Education’s target is for school attendance to be 90% or above. Students should aim for 90-100% attendance to maximise their chances of success at school. Students are expected to attend on every day that the school is in session, unless special arrangements have been made with the Principal, until the end of Year 12. Students must attend school unless:

  • They are too unwell
  • They have an infectious disease
  • The school is provided with a genuine and acceptable reason

Under the Law, schools must:

  • Monitor attendance of students
  • Follow up with parents and/or caregivers on student absences.

What do I need to do when my child is absent?

Any absence for part or all day, or many days, must be covered by a written explanation from the parent/guardian/caregiver. The note must include the name of the student, the exact date and/or time of absence, a valid reason for the absence and the parent/guardian/carer’s signature. A valid reason for absence means illness or other unavoidable circumstance. A phone call to the school from the parent/guardian/caregiver is acceptable as an explanation of absence. In case of prolonged illness, parents should contact the school. For students who are away regularly, or for a long period, with illness, a Medical Certificate may be required. Absences can also be advised via SMS 0400 207 306, Connect and the School Star App, contacting the Student Support Attendance Officer on 97974411, Email or provide a written note.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive after the commencement of period 1 must sign in at the Attendance office and preferably have a note. They will then be issued with a Late Note to be admitted to class. Students arriving late without a parent note showing a valid reason will have the absence recorded as unexplained on their attendance record.

Appointments – Leave Pass

Once a student is on the School grounds, the student should remain at school until dismissal times. Any student who is required to leave the school during the day (for a medical appointment) must present to the Attendance office with their parent note first thing in the morning before class and request a Leave Pass. This pass allows the student to leave their class at the arranged time. On return to school the same day, the student will need to sign back in at the Attendance Office.

Leaving School Grounds

Students must remain on school grounds during the school day unless given written permission from the school or for specific course requirements. If a student leaves the school grounds without permission, they cannot return to the school site for the remainder of the day.

Students out of class during lesson time must carry a Movement Pass provided by the teacher.

SMS (Short Message Service) Communications

Australind Senior High School have implemented the School Star App that uses mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) to send text messages to parents/carers/guardians to notify them of an unexplained absence or late arrival of their child. SMS may also be used to provide information to parents such as school community notices and emergency/unplanned events such as school closures.

Parents will be informed by SMS to their mobile phone each time their child is absent and an explanation has not already been provided to the school. If your child is absent and a reason has been provided before the time the SMS is due to be sent, you will not receive a text message.

Australind Senior High School has introduced SMS communications to build on existing attendance procedures and to ensure that parents are notified as soon as possible if their child is absent from school without an explanation. This system has been shown to assist in making schools (and parents) more aware of where students are and improve student attendance. These factors will enhance learning opportunities for all students and contribute to their safety.

School Star App

The School Star app is the SMS system we utilise to send text messages to parents/carers to notify of unexplained absences or late arrivals to school. SMS will also be used to provide direct communication concerning community notices or unplanned events such as school closures.

Frequently asked questions about SMS communications

As a parent, what do I need to do?
If you know your child is going to be absent, please call the school well before the set SMS sending time which will be 11am and 2.15pm every day. If you do not contact the school, the SMS system will automatically send you a text message advising you that your child is not at school.

How do I reply to an SMS message from the school?
When you receive an SMS about an absence, reply to the number and make sure that the text includes the student name, date of absence and reason for absence. Do not call the number as it is an automated system using a virtual number.

Sample SMS Reply Message:
Jane Citizen, 11 Feb, Sick

What will it cost me?
Standard SMS charges apply, depending on your mobile phone carrier and plan. The cost of an SMS is usually cheaper than a local telephone call.

What if my mobile number changes?
Please notify the school immediately if your mobile number changes.

What if there is a custodial order preventing contact?
The parent/guardian with legal custody of the child must provide evidence to the school in the form of a court order for the school to legally deny a parent/guardian access to any information about their child.

Good Standing Policy