Design and Technology

Technologies enrich and impact on the lives of people and societies globally. Society needs enterprising students who can make discerning decisions about the development and use of technologies, develop solutions to complex challenges and contribute to sustainable patterns of living. In an increasingly technological and complex world, it is important to develop knowledge and skills to analyse and creatively respond to design and/or digital challenges.

Technologies provides students with authentic learning challenges that foster curiosity, confidence, persistence, innovation, creativity, respect and cooperation. These attributes are necessary when using and developing solutions to make sense of complex ideas and relationships in all areas of learning. Technologies helps students to be regional and global citizens, capable of actively and ethically communicating and collaborating.

At Australind SHS, we offer a variety of courses that we believe will help students develop valuable transferrable skills and knowledge making them ready for their future.

Our students benefit from a range of specialist facilities, including a commercial-standard kitchen, and design and technology engineering workshops to name a few.

Unique access to accredited staff and industry professionals provides students with inspiration and opportunities that are highly relevant to a career within a range of industries.