The Science Learning Area at Australind SHS has an experienced and motivated team of teachers who provide quality teaching and learning. We build partnerships with parents and our local community, ensuring our students have a diverse range of engaging opportunities and experiences.

Science provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions about the biological, physical and technological world. The knowledge it produces has proved to be a reliable basis for action in our personal, social and economic lives. Science is a dynamic, collaborative and creative human endeavour arising from our desire to make sense of our world through exploring the unknown, investigating universal mysteries, making predictions and solving problems. Science aims to understand a large number of observations in terms of a much smaller number of broad principles. Science knowledge is contestable and is revised, refined and extended as new evidence arises.

The Science Learning Area strives to create thriving learning environments for all students. We are committed to providing meaningful and successful pathways and developing student skills for a successful future.