Jazz Specialist Course

How it Works The Jazz Specialist Course is a Department of Education endorsed course for gifted and talented students in music. It is an exciting and unique course, lead by passionate and enthusiastic jazz trained teachers, which focuses on developing students’ leadership within the schools’ ensembles, advanced musical concepts, performance skills, listening skills and preparation for tertiary study at TAFE or university. This is a course for students who love playing their instruments and learning music through performance.

Benefits for Students

  • Development of practical skills to an advanced level by Year 10
  • Participation in the school’s ensemble program, including developing ensemble leadership skills
  • Improvement of listening and aural skills
  • Improvement of performance skills
  • Development of personal wellbeing through music
  • Cross year group collaboration with other jazz music students
  • Participation in workshops with guest artists
  • Participation in promotional actives for the school through music.
  • Participation in regular band tours and camps
  • Enjoyment of playing music

Awards and Achievements

  • Selection of past jazz students who studied music at WAAPA and UWA, including Harry Target (Hairspray the Musical), Michael Ellis (Instrumental Music School Services teacher) and Bayden Adams (Composer/arranger, Australian Young Composers finalist)
  • Multi time Queens Cup winners with the Senior Concert Band, Big Band, Junior Band and Junior Jazz Band. – Outstanding achievement with the Gypsy Jazz band at the WA Contemporary Music Festival
  • Multi time Excellent achievement with the Senior Concert band and Junior Concert band at the ABODA Band Festival
  • Multi time Excellent achievement with the Big Band and Junior Jazz Band at the WA Schools Jazz Festival
  • Concert band winners at the WA Performing Arts Eisteddfod with the Fundamentals Concert Band

Andrew Mackay-Sim
Music Coordinator
P: 9797 4400
E: Andrew.mackay-sim@education.wa.edu.au