PBS stands for Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and is an evidence-based, operational framework that aims to improve student academic and behaviour outcomes and create positive learning environments by ensuring all students have access to the most effective and accurately implemented instructional and behavioural practices and interventions possible.

PBS views inappropriate behaviour in the same manner that problems in reading or math are viewed…as a skill deficit. When a skill deficit exists, we must teach the appropriate skill. By doing so, a unified and positive school climate forms, and this informs students and staff that appropriate behaviour is a priority in our school. The purpose of PBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm.

Our school values, defined by the community, guide the behaviour of everyone in our school; staff, students, parents and community members. This is achieved by developing proactive systems to define, teach and support appropriate student behaviour. At Australind SHS we focus on our 3 core values of Respect, Kindness and Responsibility. The behaviour matrix shown above was formulated by the school community, and articulates what these expectations look like in everyday school life. A number of verbal, non-verbal and tangibles are used to reinforce students who display the desired behaviour. This includes the PBS Reward Cards and Stamps.

There is a dedicated PBS team appointed in the school which consists of the administration, classroom teachers, school support staff and education assistants. However, the entire staff at Australind SHS are committed and involved in the design and implementation of PBS.