Follow the Dream

Our vision is for all students to have an enriching and successful education and a wide range of career and life choices.

The Follow the Dream program supports students who aspire to successfully complete their secondary schooling, who show aptitude for learning, and demonstrate a positive approach towards education.

This academic enrichment program provides an environment for students to complete their homework, assessments, and prepare for exams while also enabling students and tutors to develop positive relationships. Follow the Dream enables students to embark on positive post-school pathway and emerge as strong role models for their peers, siblings and the wider community.

Follow the Dream is run before school on Tuesday and Thursday and after school on Monday and Wednesday in the Egret Wing. Students will be provided with breakfast or afternoon tea during each 1 hour session.

“Being part of the program is like having a second family – I feel a sense of belonging and identity. I am encouraged to aim high and achieve my very best.”

Empowering Indigenous students through education to pursue their aspirations at school and beyond