Excel Sport

EXCEL Sport and Leadership Program

Program overview

The EXCEL program has been developed to help maximise the potential of talented students in the areas of sport and leadership. All EXCEL students will participate in a combination of practical and theoretical lessons throughout the year. It is expected that students participate fully in all activities and demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities both at school and in the community.

Code of Conduct

To maintain their position in the EXCEL Sports and Leadership program and attend camps and excursions, there is an expectation that students comply with the code of conduct in all aspects of their schooling.

  1. Display a high standard in effort, attitude and enthusiasm in all class activities
  2. Display organisational and leadership skills within EXCEL classes
  3. Maintain high behaviour standards in all classes
  4. Represent or trial as an athlete for interschool carnivals and events
  5. Contribute to interschool carnivals as an umpire/coach
  6. 85% attendance

Course selection (Year 7)

Nominations are available to Year 7 students to apply for the EXCEL program and participants will be required to attend a full day trial as Year 6 students in Term 3, in order to be considered. Prospective EXCEL students should be achieving an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade in Physical Education. Applicants will also require a supporting coach and Primary School PE Teacher reference. Course selection (Yr 7-10) New students to the school and students wishing to join the EXCEL Program are encouraged to express their interest to their PE Teacher and consistently demonstrate the required criteria (code of conduct). Their PE Teacher will monitor their progress and provide regular feedback to the EXCEL Coordinator. If a position becomes available the EXCEL coordinator will observe the student in their PE class before making the final decision in consultation with the HPE HOLA.

Miss Domonique Fedele
Health & Physical Education Teacher
EXCEL Coordinator